What is the Jeep Badge of Honor, and what trails are included in it?

If you own a Jeep, you can always gain access to all kinds of interesting, unique programs and benefits. The Jeep Badge of Honor program is one of those benefits, and like many other similar programs, it comes with some really cool rewards that you can enjoy. There are some requirements to fulfill, but once you get past that, you will be incredibly happy with the results! But be sure that your Jeep is ready to go off-road, these trails are a serious challenge. I’ve installed a ton of off-road Jeep accessories for my Wrangler.

What is the Jeep Badge of Honor program?

This is an app-based program created to reward Jeep drivers when they conquer some of the most popular off-road trails in the US. When you have an off-road car like a Jeep, you do want to put it to the test. And this type of vehicle certainly pushes the boundaries, so it’s perfect for all kinds of cool, off-road trails. 

Everyone is able to register. Check in at the trails listed in the app and also receive a rank. However, if you want to receive a physical badge or Hard Badge, then you must be a Jeep owner. In fact, they will require your VIN number to show that you do have a Jeep vehicle yourself. But as we said, even if you don’t, you can still get virtual badges and rank up regardless of what vehicle you have. Which is great, because it adds some extra challenges for your off-roading experience.

How can you use the app?

The first thing you want to do is to download the app for either Android or iOS, install it properly and then you will have info about the trail and current weather. As we mentioned above, within the app you can post photos, connect with other Jeep members and you can also acquire points if you want. Checking in at the trails is very simple. You just have to show up at the trail, confirm the location within your app, and then you will acquire a digital badge. 

It’s not mandatory to drive the trail, but if you want you can do that. In case there’s no cell reception, you can still check in offline. When you have a cell signal again, your app will automatically count your visit, which is great. 

How do you get trail points?

You get a certain number of points for actions you take with the app. if you check in at one of the trailheads, you receive 200 points. Commenting on trail pages gives you 10 points, sharing a photo will bring in 20 points. There are also different rankings within the app too. If you have under 100 points, you are a newbie, up to 800 points you will be a trail rookie, then up to 2500 points you will be a trail explorer. Between 2500 and 4000 points you will be a trail commander, then 4000-6500 points and you will be a trail pro – over that you are a trail expert.

Jeep Badge of Honor Badges

How many badges of honor can you find within the app? 

There are 56 at the time of this writing, but they are constantly adding in new ones. Plus, as we mentioned above, you can actually receive a physical badge of honor if you prove that you own a Jeep vehicle, which is amazing. Once you request the physical badge, it can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered, but it’s free of charge.

If you love adventuring and want to show off your off-road prowess, the Jeep Badge of Honor series of trails are something you should try to check out and master right away. It’s a fun experience, and something every Jeep owner needs to try and enjoy!