List of Best Public Golf Courses in Michigan

Michigan is one of those states that does not get much-deserved recognition for having some of the finest golf courses in the country. The golf courses in Upper Michigan are perfect during the summers with ideal wind, weather, and, more importantly, the golf courses. The huge number of choices of golf courses can often make it challenging for an enthusiast golfer to find the ideal place to have a nice game. Therefore, here is a list of some of the finest golf courses in Michigan that you must check out on your next visit to the state. 

  1. Bay Harbor Golf Club: The first on the list is the Bay Harbor Golf Club, located on the northeastern side of Traverse City. Petoskey and Charlevoix are the two most closest towns to the golf club resort area located on Lake Michigan, further ensuring that you get a mesmerizing view. 

In case you happen to drive from one of the nearest towns to the other, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the full scenic view of the lake. As you continue to drive, you will find Bay Harbor Golf Club’s beautiful golf course located between the lake and the highway. 

  1. The Loop At Forest Dunes: This is one of the best golf courses in Michigan for many reasons but more importantly, it is one of the few reversible golf courses. At this golf course, one can play clockwise on one day and counterclockwise on the other. 

This means that one day you use green for a par-3 as you head towards the eastern side of the course. However, the green is again the second shot for the par-4 hole from the opposite direction the next day. The Loop At Forest Dunes was designed by no other than Tom Weiskopf, and one can see the excellence in the design of this golf course.        

  1. Arcadia Bluffs: Arcadia Bluffs is one of those few golf courses that feature an excellent sandy course that is probably the best of its kind in Michigan. One can get an amazing view of the golf course from the sandy slope on the edge of the lake. 

When driving to Arcadia Bluffs, most people feel like they are driving to nowhere which is not a lie to a certain extent. However, the location of this course is certainly one of the finest you could find in the region.

  1. Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club: If you have a love for wilderness, then Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club is the golf course you must opt for. However, the best thing about this golf course is its affordability. 

Combine that with the scenic views covered with tall trees one can find in the central Michigan region, and you have one of the best golf courses in Michigan. So plan your next golf trip at Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club and get the ideal golfing experience.          

To Sum Up

While Michigan remains covered in snow for most of the winter months, the summer weather in the state is ideal for golfing. Therefore, make sure to check out these golf courses as mentioned above to ensure you have an amazing golfing experience.