How To Take Care of a New Puppy For Your Family

We are all excited to bring home a new puppy for our family. We do not, though, really know what the responsibilities are going to be for our puppy. We just want to play with it and love it for a week or two, and then we will train it and wonder why we never did it before. Well, I can tell you now that training a puppy is definitely something that you will want to research right away. Training a puppy is even more different than that adult dog that you have. You really do need to keep in mind that the puppy is still a child at a very young age and requires a lot of extra care. 

Everything Is New To The Puppy

New to the world and just as new to the dog training business, is it any wonder that so many dogs end up in shelters year after year due to issues with their behavior and personality? It is not uncommon for a puppy to bark all night long and then spend the whole day wondering if they will ever get attention one way or the other. To help such a puppy learn that barking all night is not so bad, we need to give them as young puppies. It would help if you also considered that even the breed’s best would have a puppy moment. When they are first puppies, they are going to make a few mistakes. They will chew on things they shouldn’t have, maybe they soil where they shouldn’t and may even have a temper tantrum for no reason! At this point, you need to teach the puppy proper behavior for the rest of its life.

Your First Vet Visit 

Before you do anything with your new daily member, find a local veterinarian that treats small animals. Some livestock vets will treat farm dogs, while others won’t. You can also look for a 24 hour mobile vet that makes home visits in case of an emergency. Whatever you end up doing, find a doctor, get your puppy it’s shots, and move on to the next step. 

When To Train Your Puppy

Another thing to remember is that you will want to have training sessions with your puppy daily. Just because you are working with an older dog and you think that is good enough does not mean that your puppy can go about without training. Remember this; you do not want your puppy going out the door and barking like crazy dogs do. You really want them to know that barking is not cool. In fact, you want them to know that you do not appreciate them barking at everything. That is never a nice thing that you want to see from your puppy. Finally, you also want to remember that your puppy is going to be terrified of the world, and of course, you need to take it slow. 

Introducing The Puppy To Other Dogs

You cannot expect your puppy to love every dog or situation they meet, and you certainly cannot expect them to play with every dog they meet. It is much better to focus on what you want your puppy to do rather than worrying about everything they don’t do. Remember that socialization is not an issue when you train a puppy. You don’t want your puppy to learn to love every person or dog they meet just because they are strangers. You want them to get to know people and dogs properly so that they can be confident in their environment. For a puppy, socialization can be a bit difficult. This is especially so for a rescued dog. They have been accustomed to their current surroundings, and the only thing that will change that is a new set of people and dogs. For this reason, rescuing a puppy can be a challenge but not an impossible one. 

Rescue Dogs

With a rescue dog, you need to make sure that you get the pup some proper exercise. This will help the puppy to be more lethargic and less hyper than usual. Exercise also helps to tire the pup out so that they are more apt just to sleep instead of chewing up your carpet. You also want to discuss crate training with your rescue dog. The idea is for you to be able to take the dog into the vet’s office or wherever and have the dog realize that it is a place for it to be secure. 


They are much more likely to be comfortable and trusting when in the new location with successfully crate trained dogs. Remember that the whole reason you are getting a new pet is because you love dogs and want to have them be comfortable. Let the dog do the talking.